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split from t=26983

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androiduser wrote: Sun Apr 09, 2023 5:05 pm I may have same problem - as well as the 100s of others reading this and the 11.4.20 post from redwolfe_98.
NoScript on Android appears to not load. None of the original NoScript selections are marked and Per-site Permissions spins without loading. Reset does not cause a reset. Import will get out to the previously saved file, but will not load it. Removing NoScript Add-on and reinstalling may or may not work, if one tries it often enough. Shutting the device off/ on also may or may not resolve issue if done multiple times. I have both an Android phone and tablet (different manufacturers & different Android versions), but I have my Firefox, NoScript, and other settings the same (ie VPN) on both. NoScript fails on both devices in the same manner. Not rooted on either device, but willing to try to troubleshoot as best possible if given direction.
Hi guys
It seems like NoScript on Android is facing a widespread issue, affecting multiple users. The problem involves loading and resetting, with attempts to reinstall the add-on sometimes proving ineffective. Even device restarts have inconsistent results.
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Re: split from t=26983

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Don't post if you have nothing to add.
*Always* check the changelogs BEFORE updating that important software!
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