Contextual Obfuscation - MS Custom Connector

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Contextual Obfuscation - MS Custom Connector

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Ello, long time no speaky, just wondering if anyone might be able to help me set up contextual rules for this as I'm assuming that's the issue.

I am using NoScript fully contextually, so there are no sites where they are just blanked allowed.

( apologies for the edited post ... was fighting the filter)

So does anyone have a clue on how to setup MS so that it actually works on the Custom Connectors.

Basically, once I'm in and editing away, I may wish to use the Swagger Editor, when I tap the toggle switch for it, a little '1' appears on my NoScript icon. Yet none of the displayed domains show anything in their 'CUSTOM' settings that is not enabled.

So, basically I have to allow the whole page and start again.

In terms of if this is an actual incident (which I'm sure it's not, I've probably got *something* wrong) ... then I've checked the browser console, the developer tools for the page, and the add-on debugger, and there is nothing indicating that noscript is actually doing anything.

That said, noscript is putting out "QuotaExceededError: storage.sync" errors that could align with this, and might therefore align with 1437937 on bugzilla. But I may have misaligned that.

There are also "Source map error" messages (NetworkError) for key javascript files (from powerapps dot com) which look like they are failing.


Where This Can Be Found:

The full name of the page is "Edit Logic Apps Custom Connector" on Azure Logic Apps, and it is available at the domain:
portal dot azure dot com
With the path:

The Power Automate equivalent is at the domain:
make dot powerautomate dot com
With the path:
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