Settings lost when Waterfox Closes

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Settings lost when Waterfox Closes

Post by Cynyster »

I seem to have this annoying issue with WaterFox browser and NoScript.

While I am not sure if the issue is with Waterfox or NoScript I thought I would drop a note here and see if others are having the same issue.

When I close the WaterFox browser, NoScript losses all its settings. Everything that I have allowed disappears.

I have been working around it by going to all my typical websites. Setting the appropriate allow and disallow and then saving/exporting the NoScript settings.

That seems to be working, but it gets very annoying for me to have to reload the settings every time.

I am using the latest version of WaterFox and the latest of Noscript. I also use AdBlockPlus, Ghostery, and Roboforrm addons
(Also "Don't Accept WebP" which I wonder if it even works)

Please let me know if anything can be done.

Much appreciation! :D
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Re: Settings lost when Waterfox Closes

Post by barbaz »

Waterfox is not a supported browser. Do you see this issue in Firefox?
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