NoScript Issues with Discourse Forums -

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NoScript Issues with Discourse Forums -

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I am having trouble with and I have isolated the problem to noscript. When I disable noscript the site works perfectly, when I enable it and refresh - it still works fine. However as soon as I navigate to another page on the forums, it goes back to broken. The broken state means that styling goes away and it appears javascript isn't working.

I have tried setting all of the site scripts to temporarily allowed and that does not resolve the issue.

FWIW, the following domains appear in the noscript dropdown:,,,

Of those, all are allowed except for

I am running the latest version of Firefox stable on the latest version of Windows.

When you soft refresh(CTRL-R), the site does not render properly. When you hard refresh, it looks fine.

Any ideas as to how to solve this problem?
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Re: NoScript Issues with Discourse Forums -

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What permissions do you have set for In particular, is "unrestricted CSS" un-checked?
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