Curious behavior when using Firefox multi-account containers

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Curious behavior when using Firefox multi-account containers

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Platform: Linux x86-64
OS: OpenSUSE Leap 15.4
Firefox version: 106.0.2
Noscript version: 11.4.11

Hi. I'm seeing some odd behavior recently when combining Noscript with Firefox multi-account containers.

I have two browser tabs open, each using a unique container. Both container tabs are browsing (I'm looking to move to one of two locations so the search/filter criteria are different and I want to keep the cookies separate). I've trusted and/or temporarily-trusted a sufficient number of domains so that the site works. This has worked for weeks but something has changed very recently.

Now, when I open both container tabs, everything initially seems fine. But after a few minutes, container tab B begins to behave as if those trusted domains are now untrusted. When tab B has focus, the Noscript toolbar icon changes to indicate that the top-level is untrusted. However, opening the Noscript dialog from that browser tab shows the trust levels are correct. At this point, nothing I do, short of closing the tab and re-opening it, seems to make Noscript permit those connections. Even disabling all restrictions for this tab doesn't help.

In the browser console, for the failing tab, I get a flood of messages indicating "Content Security Policy: The page's settings blocked the loading of a resource..." but it's not clear which page settings it's referring to. These log messages are not generated for the browser tab that continues to work.

I can reproduce this behavior using two tabs open using the same container so it does not seem to be related to having two unique container tabs open.

This is new behavior (within the last week). Has anybody seen anything like this?
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