Apple Voice Control bug

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Apple Voice Control bug

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I searched the forum and only one post from 2012 that matched my terms, so it seems like it is time for another post. I have been using Apple voice control for dictation on my Mac, and when I have voice control enabled, I can no longer use the NoScript drop-down menu that allows me to accept or block various cookies needed to make sites functional. The drop-down menu appears but when I try to move my cursor down it to change a setting for a specific cookie, the menu disappears before I can do so.

This has been a problem since I first started using voice control a year or so ago, through multiple update to Firefox (I am on the beta update channel, now 104.0b3), with my only two add-ons being NoScript and UBlock Origin both on auto-updates, and Mac OS also staying up to date from early Big Sur through Monterey, now on Monterey 12.5.
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Re: Apple Voice Control bug

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By "move my cursor" do you mean by mouse/trackpad, by keyboard or by voice dictation?
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