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Moving Posts

Post by redwolfe_98 »

i noticed that a post was moved from "support" to "noscript development," but there was nothing left, in the "support" sub-forum, showing that the post, there, had been moved, so, if the person who made the post was looking for a reply, all that they would see is that their post has been removed, not that it had been moved to the "noscript development" forum.

the heading for the original post, in the "support" forum, should have remained there, with some indication that the post had been moved to the "noscript development" forum.

here is a link to the post that i am referring to:

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Re: Moving Posts

Post by barbaz »

That user is registered, so:

1) They can subscribe to notification of replies. If there is a reply, which there was in this case, the notification will take them to the thread regardless of moving.

2) If there is no reply, or they did not subscribe to any type of notifications, they can log in and go to search.php?search_id=egosearch&sr=posts to find their posts.
Logged-in users can also click the username drop-down on the top right & go to either "User Control Panel" or "Profile", both of these pages contain a link to all your posts.
And there is Quick links > "Your posts" which displays all the threads containing posts by you.
*Always* check the changelogs BEFORE updating that important software!
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