White House goes Zero Trust by end of 2024

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White House goes Zero Trust by end of 2024

Post by morganism »

The Far Reach of the White House’s Zero Trust Memo

The long answer is this: The government’s initiative to adopt zero trust should be seen as the earliest sign of a widespread inflection point for both the public and private sectors.

This should not be read as akin to the government implementing new privacy laws that only affect themselves and direct vendors given privileged access to government infrastructure. Instead, it signals a dramatic and positive shift towards a stronger and purposefully thought-out cybersecurity stance led by the government.

While this is conjecture, I believe this governmental change will influence the private sector at large. To understand this, I want to direct your focus to this segment: Page 4 details the White House’s vision for the Federal Government’s plan with zero trust, the proposed timeline, and most importantly — the five pillars used to evaluate zero trust.

These five pillars dictate how the government evaluates their cybersecurity infrastructure, policies, and stance going forward. When read in context with the full memo, I can only imagine a very different cybersecurity landscape by the end of Fiscal Year 2024.


https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/u ... -22-09.pdf
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Re: White House goes Zero Trust by end of 2024

Post by therube »

Just say, NO!

It will never work.
They'll have to set up an agency that specifically deals with the trust of the trust.
And then, they'll have to have another to see if they can trust that agency.

And so on & so on - until it implodes.

And then there is the 'ol human factor.
They've already got their passwords on their monitors. And their burner phones for when they need to get something done.
And then you're going to add regulation upon regulation on them & expect them to follow the rules.

Think of... The Cone of Silence.


So I go to the bank the other day...
They were open - go figure.
(You can't call them. Well, you can, but they won't answer the phone.
You can't rely on their "branch locator" to determine if a branch is open,
- It isn't accurate, often reporting Open when in fact it is closed.
You might be able to call [cough] "customer service", though that's
a joke too. The sob wanted to send me a "text" before he answers any questions.
[I went off on him - which took us paste the "text" part.]
Well, "what i do, is, i attempt to 'schedule an appointment' with them,
& if it doesn't allow me to do that, i assume it is closed, & if they do, then
it should be open".
[How is that for a response!]
So I go to the bank the other day...
And this poor sap, who sent me a check, changed the date of the check
from Feb 24 to Feb 25, crossed out the '4' & wrote a '5' in there.
[This is a fellow new to the world of "finance", & proud of the fact that
he has an actual bank account & checks to go along with it. IOW, he
seems like a decent guy, trying to do right, trying to better himself.]
So I go to the bank the other day...
And I go to make my deposit, & the teller flips through my stack of "checks"
& she gets to his & says, "oh, we can't accept this" - because he didn't
initial his change - from a louse 4 to a 5 - in the date!
[I went off on her. Didn't accomplish much, but made me feel better for
her being a total ass.]
Then guess what, SHE, changed my deposit ticket to reflect this [$700.]
check would not be going in & asked ME to initial the change.
[I went off on her. IF YOU MADE THE CHANGE, *YOU* INITIAL IT!]

Let's name names - Bank of America. F BOA.


Alright, so would be please send me your trust code so that I can post this post - hopefully, sometime by the end of 2024?
Oh, & don't use my heh.really@mil.gov email, but rather send it to qlarson@my10minutemail.com ;-).
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