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Firefox Suggest

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What freakin' hogwash!
(Wonder how many actually read the release notes.)

Data and Firefox Suggest
Firefox Suggest is a new feature that displays direct links to content on the web based on what users type into the Firefox address bar. Some of the content that appears in these suggestions is provided by partners, and some of the content is sponsored.

In building Firefox Suggest, we have followed our long-standing Lean Data Practices and Data Privacy Principles. Practically, this means that we take care to limit what we collect, and to limit what we pass on to our partners. The behavior of the feature is straightforward–suggestions are shown as you type, and are directly relevant to what you type.

We take the security of the datasets needed to provide this feature very seriously. We pursue multi-layered security controls and practices, and strive to make as much of our work as possible publicly verifiable.
... Data Collected by Mozilla
... How Data is Handled and Shared
We’re excited to be bringing Firefox Suggest to you.
No doubt.

Trust is no more.
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