Mozilla pushing "recommended" extensions?

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Mozilla pushing "recommended" extensions?

Post by barbaz » Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:57 pm

*Always* check the changelogs BEFORE updating that important software!

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Re: Mozilla pushing "recommended" extensions?

Post by therube » Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:35 am

Uh, really.

First they kill extensions - entirely.
(Actually, first they killed themes.)

And that is not only figuratively. In a months time or so, they are going to kill, yes kill, "Legacy" extensions (& associated web pages & knowledge & ...). Gone. Puff. Kaput. (Kind of reminds me of some fire in Brazil. [Was going to put more about some "groups" destroying antiquities, but I'll leave it at that.]) It's gone, you say. Who cares. Mozilla certainly does not.

And now then they want to "promote" extensions.

Their very own "telemetry" tells them that people don't use extensions.
They justify most all that they do with their infallible, "telemetry".
Actually they "justify" whatever they want to do, in whatever way they want to do, with any justification they dream up.

Uh, really, recommendations.

Yep, they have a great record on that.
I remember someone commenting, something or the other, oh, here, ... 19&t=25110.
What did they recommend (as a security product)? NoScript? No. That sort of slipped their mind. Oops.
What did they recommend? MALWARE. Yes malware. They recommended malware to you & me.

You say you want to see more? You really want to see malware?
I remember someone commenting, something or the other, oh, here, ... 19&t=25140.
Damn, we're going to have a Great Wall of Mexico (the great wall of isolation? the great wall of ignorance? the great wall of?) long before Mozilla has a proper wall around its "extensions".

As it is Mozilla already "pushes" extensions. What do you mean you say (in a state of shock)?
I say, one cannot trust Mozilla these days.
I remember someone commenting, something or the other, oh, here, ... 19&t=25148.

But webextensions will bring us the utmost in security, they say.
I remember someone commenting, something or the other, oh, here (& guess who it was not, this time ;-)), ... 19&t=23546.
Though they have made up for this extraordinary security by much of what is noted above.

Grand times in Mozillaville.

I wish them the best (sincerely too).

1. collaboration
2. open
3. enrich
4. security & privacy
5. individuality
6. interoperability
7. public resource
8. transparent, community-based
9. profit (ding, ding, ding) & public benefit
10. commitment

Sometimes, all one really needs to do is to actually abide by their constitution.
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