Feature suggestion: Allow direct editing of whitelist

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Feature suggestion: Allow direct editing of whitelist

Post by hailstorm » Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:54 am

I'm a NoScript Anywhere user: https://noscript.net/nsa/

It is because of this amazing add-on, though it is still in its infancy, that I don't feel completely unprotected when I browse the web on my phone.

However, even though I've been using it for about a year, there is one big limitation that curtails its usefulness. In desktop versions of NoScript, it is easy to add entries to and delete entries from the list of whitelisted sites. In NoScript Anywhere, there is currently no such functionality. In order to remove a site from the list of allowed sites, I have to visit the site, which requires manually keeping track of every site I visited, even if the visit was months ago.

My phone isn't rooted, so I don't have direct access to certain areas of storage. I'm fairly certain from looking through all accessible areas (SD card) that the file containing the list of all whitelisted sites isn't anywhere on the SD card though.

I hope the developers will consider adding a whitelist feature, ideally with an import/export function so I can simply import the list exported from my desktop browser. Right now, if I accidentally whitelist site and forget about it, scripts will always be allowed on that site, which might not always be the best idea.

Thanks for your consideration and time spent developing this add-on.
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