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Welcome to the NoScript and FlashGot support forum! Please read the following *before* posting, and observe all forum etiquette. Thank you!

1) Please search the FAQ for NoScript or Flashgot, as appropriate, and also search this Forum, *before posting*, to see if your post has already been answered, if your bug has already been fixed, or if your enhancement or feature request has already been requested. Also please see NoScript Quick Start Guide For New Users, and the Video Tutorial. You may find your answer much faster this way than by posting.

2) If you are not a native speaker of English, please make your best attempt to post in English, so that present and future visitors will have the benefit of the knowledge gained from your post. Please do not worry about "perfect" English! We appreciate your effort, regardless of your level of English. If you are unable or uncomfortable to do so, please say so at the beginning of your post, so that we will know that you need translation assistance.

3) NO spam, including spam signatures (signatures with links), "spammy" usernames, etc. ZERO tolerance. Violators may be banned without warning. Repeat or multiple offenders will be banned. Posting to recommend other products will be presumed to be spam, unless they solve a legitimate issue here. The burden is on the poster to prove why it is not spam.

4) No profanity, obscenity, hate speech, disrespect to other users, etc. Differences of opinion are welcome, of course. It is possible (and required) to disagree politely without insulting the other party.

5) These forums shall not be used to conduct illegal activity, nor as a means to get assistance in conducting illegal activity. Offending posts will be locked and/or removed. Violators may receive a warning; repeat violators will be banned.

6) It is forbidden to use a proxy service, TOR, or any other means of allowing one user to use multiple IP addresses, for any of the following purposes:
  • a) To post under multiple names on the same thread;
    b) To post under multiple names on multiple threads to espouse essentially the same opinion, point of view, or argument (commonly known as
    "sock puppets");
    c) To avoid the anti-spam rules or any other forum rule;
    d) To return after having been banned.
Any such posts may be moved or deleted immediately, and/or the user banned, at the sole discretion of the Administrator.

7) Stay on topic, or else start a new topic.

8) Don't post in multiple threads about the same topic (no crossposting), because that makes it difficult for the Support Team to keep track of the discussion and provide proper support. Offending posts will be split and locked. Multiple identical threads started by the same user will be deleted until there is only one left, and that user will receive a warning; users who do that repeatedly will be considered spammers.
The exception to this rule is if you start a new thread and are given a link to another thread that sounds similar, where you may discuss in the linked thread as well if you like.

9) Make sure you have the latest stable release version of NoScript or FlashGot; or, if using development builds, the latest unofficial development build of NoScript or latest unofficial development build of Flashgot.

10) If you are using the stable release version, try the latest development build, through the links above, to see if it fixes your problem. If needed, you can easily go back to the stable release version by reinstalling it from NoScript Version History or FlashGot Version History. Old development versions of NoScript and FlashGot are available at NoScript Development Builds and FlashGot Development Builds.

11) Try the General Troubleshooting instructions. They will fix many problems. If they do not, please let us know which, if any, of these steps you have already tried. You may also find answers in Firefox links: help yourself.

12) Let us know what version of NoScript or FlashGot you have, or have tried using to fix the problem. Otherwise, we don't know. We *do* see your operating system and browser, the same as does every other web site you visit.

13) When reporting a problem or possible bug, please be sure to include in your first post:
  • a) The address or addresses (URL) where this occurs,
    b) the exact steps we need to follow to reproduce your problem, and
    c) any red "Error" messages in the Error Console (Ctrl+Shift+J, or Firefox Tools > Web Developer > Error Console), as well as blue "Information" messages pertinent to NoScript. You can copy these directly from the Error Console and paste them into your message.
This will assist the Support Team in trouble-shooting your issue as quickly as possible, and is greatly appreciated.

14) If you see an old thread that you think is about the topic you'd like to post about, feel free to post there.
If you are not sure whether what you would like to post is related to an existing thread, start a new thread and ask! A moderator will merge or split as appropriate. You might consider bookmarking your post in such case: the Image icon before your username in the post is a direct, unchanging link to that post.

15) The following abbreviations are convenient, though not required: Firefox = Fx; NoScript = NS; FlashGot = FG; Mozilla = MZ; = AMO; AdBlockPlus = ABP; Adblock (original) = ABO; Request Policy (extension) = RP; uBlock Origin = uBO.

Updated 29 Feb 2012:

Registered forum users now have available to them the same forum hotstrings that the Support Team uses for saving keystrokes. They will expand as described in the Shortcut Database, which you will find by clicking "SHORTCUTS" underneath the Smilies to the right of the Compose box.
Each is wrapped in squiggly brackets, and becomes a named link when you Preview or Submit. Previewing is always recommended, to check for typos or syntax errors.

Example: Wrapping ubo in { } becomes uBlock Origin. Note: *Not* case-sensitive.

Please note that only Admin/Mods can edit the shortcut list, but if you have suggestions for other frequently-used terms, feel free to post them.

16) When your issue is resolved to your satisfaction, please say so. If we don't hear from you, we won't know. This lets other users know when an issue has been fixed, and helps the support team keep track of which issues still need attention.

17) Registered users: Please do not erase your posts after the fact - it doesn't achieve any useful goal. This means that posts older than 1 month or in resolved threads should not be deleted or otherwise stripped of their content.
We ask this beacuse these forums are a resource from which people (including us on forum staff) can get information, and threads that are missing parts of their content can be hard if not impossible to follow. Plus complete threads are a lot more likely to turn up and be helpful in a search than partial threads. It's a lot easier (and it makes it faster) to provide support if previous threads are complete.

Note that it is completely acceptable (and recommended) to remove sensitive/personal information that was accidentally posted by you, from any of your posts at any time.

Please contact the Administrator or a Moderator if you would like your posts erased not within these guidelines.

18) If you are pleased with NoScript and/or Flashgot, please tell others about them! If you are pleased with the response to your issue, tell your friends as well. It doesn't hurt to let the support team know that they did a good job for you, either. :) If you are not pleased, please let us know why, and what we could do to improve. Your feedback is valuable in improving both the products and the forum.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for visiting the NoScript-FlashGot support forum!

--- The Support Forum Team.
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