trolling split from t=25082

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trolling split from t=25082

Post by GuyX » Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:30 pm

barbaz wrote:
Guest wrote:Well it will, because the problem is actually not being able to browse, rather than not being able to use NoScript. No offense intended to Giorgio, but it is just an add-on.
Guest, there is a difference between getting your own browser working vs. identifying and resolving a problem with NoScript. Switching to ScriptSafe might be a solution for you, but it won't fix NoScript.

And this thread is about troubleshooting the NoScript issue. Let's keep this thread on topic, thanks.
The actual 'topic' is being able to use the internet. The only reason anyone is interested in fixing NoScript is so they can browse, rather than as an intellectual exercise for its own sake, which you should bare in mind before you get an attitude to forum posters. I don't think anyone uses NoScript for its own sake, and if this continues for too long, affects too many people, and requires too much tinkering with settings and testing new profiles, people will simply migrate, so hostility to customers isn't going to get you anywhere.

Random strangers from the internet might help out to a point, but only to a point. Hollier-than-thou is going to get you to that point a lot quicker than otherwise.
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Re: trolling split from t=25082

Post by barbaz » Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:52 pm

There was no attitude nor hostility nor holier-than-thou, especially not in the post you quoted. What there is, is that in response to a mod saying to stay on topic, you attempted to start an off-topic debate using labels that don't apply. That is nothing other than trolling.

Split and locked.
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