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Icon Malaise

Post by therube » Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:35 pm

Icon Malaise

set yahoo.com to Default (i.e., not allowed)
set FF to restore session on opening
load www.yahoo.com
icon shows, not allowed

start FF
yahoo.com loads
icon shows as partially allowed (with a 5, as it happens to be in my case)

check the sites in the icon
yahoo.com is shown as Default

hit the Home button (& let it take you where ever it goes)
hit the back-arrow

yahoo.com again displays as expected
icon displays with a question mark


(Separately, I could have sworn, that one time, on start from Session Restore, yahoo.com [acted as if it were] allowed, i.e., scripts not blocked, even though they should have been. Not able to replicate, so far.)

I must have something screwy with my Profile, as I'm not even getting mouse-over icon hover information, which I'm pretty sure should be there, no? Anyhow, I'm on 'Show NoScript contextual menu item' is checked.
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