2 solutions for Giorgio + community to help NoScript

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2 solutions for Giorgio + community to help NoScript

Post by openplex » Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:35 am

Today happened upon these 2 good pieces of advice:

Posted by AnotherAnon at hackademix.net:
What Mozilla should do (if they don't already) is let the developer on the extension give a full explanation as to why they need access to this or that permission. That way at least you know what you're getting into.

Giorgio, since you're a developer of such an important addon you probably have better access to Mozilla's ears than we do. Please encourage them toward the above solution! Let us know too how we can contact Mozilla with the same request.

Also in a review at Firefox addons, jmcken offered tips for the UI:
However, one thing I find somewhat unintuitive about it is the layout of the Default/Trusted/Untrusted/Custom buttons: specifically, how choosing one causes it to expand, taking up space previously used by the other buttons. I always felt it might feel simpler and smoother if the buttons had a static width and all displayed their text labels even when unselected. Then upon clicking one, it would darken or grow brighter or something to show it’s been selected, without changing shape or position.

Just my two cents. I know you’re getting hammered a lot and I sympathize. Your hard work and devotion shows. It’s been bumpy, but the new NoScript is now at a place where I’m happy to use it and recommend it. Please keep up the good work.
I believe the NoScript community can be of valuable help to you with UI decisions and strategies. For example if you livestream yourself coding NoScript then you can get real-time feedback and ideas from people who use your addon. That could save you so much time and more heads are better than one!
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