FlashGot media downloader wishlist

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FlashGot media downloader wishlist

Post by Will Pittenger » Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:35 am

  1. Filter to selected video formats (container and encoding)
  2. Autoselect the highest available resolution available with the ability to set the maximum site (to avoid 4K when you can't play that res). See the options in YouTube HD for an example.
  3. If the requested container format and encoding isn't available, attempt to convert on the fly(?)
  4. Mass YouTube playlist download to download all videos in a playlist at once
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Re: FlashGot media downloader wishlist

Post by therube » Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:34 pm

1. at the least, sort them by type, with audio separate from video (i'd have to look to see if its not that way already?)

2. no. on YT at least, quite often, most often, what is there is of negligible quality to begin with, so in most cases anything > "medium" is simply "wasted bytes".

3. absolutely not. imo, there is almost never any reason to convert (transcode) - unless a particular device cannot play a particular format. any "desktop" player should be able to play any format out there, & if it cannot, you should not be using that player. (you want or need to transcode? download & do it - with some other application that is made to do that.)

4. eh. (i've) never seen the need. i believe youtube-dl can do that?
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