Windows 10 Cloud-based heuristic malware scanning

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Windows 10 Cloud-based heuristic malware scanning

Post by barbaz » Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:06 pm

*Always* check the changelogs BEFORE updating that important software!

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Re: Windows 10 Cloud-based heuristic malware scanning

Post by therube » Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:16 pm

the power to tell companies that they've been hacked after the fact.

After the fact, I like that :-).
(Actually, their monthly malware tool is like that, only of possible benefit after the fact, but MS does state that it is beneficial - to those who have been compromised.)

Anyhow, given the fact that Windows is now such a sieve to [funnel data to] MS, for any user who already uses Win 10, its like who cares at this point.

As far as "cloud", cloud schmoud, that's generally bogus market-speak.
"Cloud" based A/V still download virtually everything to your computer to run their scans.
(Without reading much of the article, much less carefully, this could be different?)
Google's Safe Browsing [used by Mozilla], is a similar. They have a database of "badness", periodically update (relatively small) hashes (I suppose), locally on your computer... And so MS may do more (perhaps) actually in the cloud. Like, eh, so.

Anyhow, some just use NoScript & disable all that kind of hogwash ;-).
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