Can NoScript prevent this crahbug?

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Can NoScript prevent this crahbug?

Post by luntrus » Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:37 am

Hi forum friends,

A brilliant idea Flash that runs separately from the rest of the browser or under quarantine, the version of the browser can be downloaded here: ... s-plugins/

So whenever Flash crashed the whole of the browser was taken down as well. Actually a lot of plug-ins could run separately or just look at the GoogleChrome browser where every window runs separately as a chrome.exe process.
And it even has a task manager to look at what process is giving problems...
A proof of what we mean can be experienced through this crashbug:
Mind you visiting this link it will immediately take your Flock or Firefox browser down, after lifting NS it will crash right away period. Well if you use the latest version of Flash-beta this is patched against the bug:
But not everybody has the patch apparently: ... flash-bug/
GoogleChrome won't crash on it just gives a message that Flash has experienced an error and got busted.
To me now it almost seems Flash is a viral concept.....

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Re: Can NoScript prevent this crahbug?

Post by therube » Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:19 am


Yes, NoScript does prevent the crash - so long as is not allowed, & so long as Flash is NOT Allowed, initially.
(That would be default settings in NoScript.)
You can click the placemarker with no ill affects. (I actually expected a crash at that point.)

& so long as Flash is NOT Allowed, initially

Wonder why that is?
If Flash is Allowed, initially (which I would think a setting many may use), then upon page load, you crash, irrespective of

(And this crasher has been known about for a year & a half now :roll: . Adobe ought to pay that man some $$.)

Another thing that is neat, is that on session restore - before you make the decision what to do, you can do a Reset in NoScript (or change the NoScript setting to block Flash) thereby Restoring without immediately crashing once more.
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