Issue with You Tube with NoScript

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Issue with You Tube with NoScript

Post by Angelyne22 »

I'm having a sudden issue with YouTube. This only started recently. I get the message that Ad Blockers violates the terms of YouTube in a loop. The video tries to load, fails, I get that error message, and then the video tries to start again.

I know this is related to NoScript because everything works once I disable it globally.

I obviously have enabled all scripts to run.

I do not have any ad blockers running
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Re: Issue with You Tube with NoScript

Post by therube »

(I've read that) YT is dabbling with blocking blockers.
So... as far as I'm concerned, screw them.

Anyhow, FF 115.x, & NoScript & uBlock, & I do a search, ... be+blocker, & at least the first few clips played as expected.

I allowed,, & were already allowed.
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