Google Tag Manager, the new anti-adblock weapon

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Google Tag Manager, the new anti-adblock weapon

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Google Tag Manager, the new anti-adblock weapon
The "Server-Side Tagging" version of the Google tool allows you to bypass browser and other adblocker protections

"Your adblocker (uBlock Origin on Firefox for example), your content blocker ( Firefox Focus or Adguard on iOS for example) or your DNS blocker ( NextDNS for example) works on your device. It can thus detect third-party trackers and block them before your personal data leaks.

None of this with the Server-Side Tagging version of Google Tag Manager: personal data leaks take place from the client's proxy server (hosted in the Google cloud) to third parties. You no longer have the hand to avoid these leaks.

You could say to yourself: just block the first call, that of your browser to the javascript library in charge of collecting the data and communicating to the "proxy" server. Except that this javascript library can very well be accessible on the domain of the website (and not on a Google domain for example). Also, Google already advises its customers to change their gtag.js scripts in order to enter the domain of the proxy server. This manipulation already makes the blocking via domain name inoperative.

If gtag.js is a javascript script whose name is known to the main adblockers, they will have difficulty functioning when the name of the javascript library has been changed or when sites have created their own libraries." ... eapon.html
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