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With the mozillaZine KB being locked in read-only mode with no admin for some years now and its long-term fate unknown, we should consider replacing links to it in our shortcuts with Mozilla Support links where they have equal or better information. I've done the obvious ones, but I'm not completely sure what's best for few others:

- ... x-profiles seems like in general a much better link for profiles than the no-longer-maintained mozillaZine KB page for profile. I think it provides all the information we care about, right?

- There is a equivalent of the link in "amcorrupt" shortcut, but that one doesn't seem to mention all the same files. Are the differences all obsolete for Firefox versions we support?

- Standard diagnostic link. I don't know an equivalent. Leave that one for now?

- For "lockpref" is mozilla.cfg even still a thing in Firefox versions we support? If not that shortcut should just be deleted.

- prefs.js and user.js links. Couldn't find equivalent for either, are there any?
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