split from t=26046 - lost context

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split from t=26046 - lost context

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All this doesn't help me at this junction.

All I wanted to know where NOSCRIPT Saves its settings/ my data on hard disk. I have entire backup of my firefox profile; taken a few days ago, and I am sure I had all my previous set of sites in that, so knowing that I will be able to restore relevant part from that.

This site, and otherwise net, suggests that "NOSCRIPT stores all its settings/ data in prefs.js.

That is NOT correct. I have checked my current prefs.js file, and that previously backed up prefs.js file, and they are having almost identical info about noscript settings.

In any case, my almost decade long blocking/ allowing sites in NOSCRIPT can't be that small that it can be accomodated in a few lines of prefs.js of storage---sqlite file.

Firefox as well as extension developers have made extension data storage so complicated that I can't even find which of the {112ed29b-492b-4bd8-86f5-7d1ef97a4bad} type of folders is for noscript so that I can dig my data in that. Why should there NOT be a clear indication of which folders and data files are of noscript.

Users are suffering like me due to such complications. And then we get suggestions like - take backup, don't use any cleaning software, export data...


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