Whitelist set to default

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Whitelist set to default

Post by SteveS801 » Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:45 pm

I've read through multiple topics relating to my issue, and I'm sure at least one of you will suggest that I go read [x] topic first. Admittedly, the issue does seem familiar to some parts of each topic, but I have not seen any that covers my issue exactly. If I'm wrong, I'll entertain suggestions.

After using FF and NS for a few years now, I have had multiple opportunities to re-add all of my whitelisted sites. Probably not as often as some of you, but still. I have noticed that for me, the whitelist is only reset when FF and NS are updated on the same day. This is probably not a common coincidence.

I do use sync. The white list is never re-added after the days when simultaneous updates occur, if it is even synced in the first place. Perhaps the sync works and I never know because under normal circumstances, the sync re-adds the whitelist under cloak of darkness. Disabling sync and re-enabling tells me nothing.

I am able to add new sites to the whitelist after updates, it is only that the comprehensive list I had is gone, reset to default sites. Creating a new profile tells me nothing.

Automatic updates for the NS extension are on, updates for this alone do not seem to break the list. Automatic updates for FF are on, FF updates do not seem to break the list. Windows updates do not seem to break the list. I have never noticed this problem on Linux, but the list on that box is very short anyway.

W10P 1909 18363.959
FF 79.0
NS 11.0.34
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Re: Whitelist set to default

Post by Quest » Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:46 am

That happened to me too just now. I have to admit that I used CCleaner which is said to be the culprit but maybe it isn't? Looks like CCleaner does no such operations and I've been using both for years with no havoc thus far.
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Re: Whitelist set to default

Post by Giorgio Maone » Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:58 am

The likely culprit is indeed CCleaner, as stated in multiple threads.
It doesn't matter it worked correctly so far: Firefox 79 changed the way it stores extensions' settings, and CCleaner's developers did not keep up with the change, hence the bug.
@SteveS801: are you also a CCLeaner user?
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Re: Whitelist set to default

Post by Quest » Mon Aug 03, 2020 12:06 pm

Eh. It did it again. So it must be CCleaner. I suppose that there has been some changes in FF 79 that CCleaner can't handle? Luckily I have only two extensions and NS was just backupped after these earlier warnings.
So don't use CCleaner!!!

(Seems like Giorgio has just said the same thing but I send this nevertheless.)
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