Difference between "Trust" and "Deactivate Limits for Tab"

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Difference between "Trust" and "Deactivate Limits for Tab"

Post by Tamaleus » Fri Sep 06, 2019 8:13 am


I'm NoScript-Newby. And first of all, my Mother-tongue/Language is German. That's why my Expression in the Subject may vary from what you read in english Version of NoScript. But I think, it's clear what I'm talking about. Furthermore I assume, it's only my fault and I do just not know, how to solve it. But ...

There seems to be a Difference between to "Trust" a Page and "Deactivate Limitations for this Tab". At least on some pages I can see a Number, let's say "2" on the top right Corner of the "NoScript"-Icon in the List of AddOns on my Firefox. My Experience is, that some pages only work in full, if I click on "Deactivate Limitations for this Tab". Thereafter this Number (of "2" in this sample" disappears and everything works.
My Problem: I cannot see these additional "Limitations" AND I cannot take Effect in the Settings. Because in the List of Settings (Flags for "script", "object", etc.) all Flags are checked. I looks like everything would be set to be accepted. However this is not correct from my point of view.

Furthermore I'm looking for an Option to avoid always to have to click first on "Reload page" and second click on "Close (the Options Frame)". This is - beg your pardon - a pain in the neck.

Tks in advance.
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