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MUX: KeepVid Video Joiner - for Youtube Dash Videos

Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 1:00 pm
by therube
KeepVid Video Joiner - GUI for Muxing Youtube Dash (separate audio & video) Clips

I've only looked at it (once) to see that it did work.

The program itself is only a simple front-end to ffmpeg (included in the download).

You pick the audio & video files, select an output file name & tell it to go.

A moment later, you have your muxed clip.

(Without looking too closely) by default the output goes into the input directory & the name is named the same as the existing video, so you actually have to rename it otherwise it would overwrite the existing clip, which would not work at all (as you'd end up deleting the clip you were attempting to mux).

The program itself is only 45 KB (the other 11 MB of the download is ffmpeg).
Otherwise, I know nothing of this.



Re: MUX: KeepVid Video Joiner - for Youtube Dash Videos

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 2:27 am
by therube
So I get to thinking ... I don't need a "program" per say to MUX audio & video together, I simply need a place to be able to select two files (one audio & one video) & pass their names on to a program that can MUX the two together.

FFmpeg does just fine for the muxing, but its command-line based.
A few GUI's do fine as a front end to mux stuff together, using FFmpeg or otherwise.
But they have their quirks & while perhaps good programs are far more involved then what I really need for this relatively simply purpose.
Even this KeepVid program, as simple as it is makes it (relatively) difficult to select the files (in that you cannot drag two files into it & have it just go from there).

Now I always use Everything & I always use my File Manager (Salamander) & those two programs always play a role in conjunction with whatever GUI I happen to pull up (or even from a command line), but again I don't really need the "GUI", I just need to get two file (path)names passed into something to do the muxing.

And after much head scratching, there was the DUH! moment. I'm always using Everything & Salamander, they're always my starting point, & I can select my two wanted files with them, so why not send them to, SendTo!

So I created a SendTo shortcut to a FFmpeg by way of a batch file, MUX.BAT:

Re: MUX: KeepVid Video Joiner - for Youtube Dash Videos

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 2:28 am
by therube

Code: Select all


ECHO  MUX a (generally) Youtube DASH Video (only) + Audio (only) MP4/WEBM
ECHO  therube 01/13/2015
ECHO  %1
FOR   %%i in (%1) do set BASENAME=%%~nxi
ECHO  -i %1
ECHO  -i %2
ECHO  -acodec copy -vcodec copy
ffmpeg -i %1  -i %2  -acodec copy  -vcodec copy  "C:\OUT\%BASENAME%"  2>&1  |  tee "C:\OUT\%BASENAME%.TXT"

Re: MUX: KeepVid Video Joiner - for Youtube Dash Videos

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 2:38 am
by therube
Not an end-all, but simple & has worked with what I've tested it with.

You need FFmpeg.
It needs to be in your PATH or somewhere where the batch file can find it (or point to it).
(Likewise, tee.exe, if you keep that part in there, you'll have to get. Does Windows do tee? tea? or is it coffee only? CoreUtils for Windows it's in the Zip "Binaries" download or I'm sure other implementations of it exist.)

I select my two wanted files, in some fashion, general (highlighting each) from within Everything or Salamander, & "Send To" -> MUX.BAT.

And that's it.
A moment later & have the muxed file sitting in C:/OUT/ (along with a log from ffmpeg).

Simple, works just the way I want it (go figure).
(I probably should add a (ffmpeg) map: in there, but its simple & works just the way...)

Video input should be, video only.
Audio input should be, audio only.
Audio & video inputs should make sense, like mp4 & mp4 (aka m4a), but not webm video & mp4 audio, as that will not compute.

Re: MUX: KeepVid Video Joiner - for Youtube Dash Videos

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 4:59 pm
by kittymew
Is it not possible to use normal windows explorer for this drag and drop ffmpeg method, do you have to use one of those programs or is there a way to add Mux.bat to Send to in Windows (Windows 7)? thanks for any info :o

Re: MUX: KeepVid Video Joiner - for Youtube Dash Videos

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 5:56 pm
by barbaz
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