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Toolbar Button Suggestion

Post by nolan_vode » Sat Apr 27, 2013 9:20 pm

Forgive me if I am mistaken about this or made a mis-step.

I just created a fresh Firefox profile and manually installed all extensions.

I hooked Flashgot up with Free Download Manager.

I went to You Tube and couldn't get it to work (or that's what I thought), because I tried to left click on the orange Flashgot icon on my navigation toolbar, which on some sites will immediately bring up Free Download Manager with one video option for download.

Very confused at this point. It was driving me crazy because I was sure I recalled some time in the past that clicking on a Flashgot icon gave me a whole list of file download options, especially on You Tube.

I was about to come here to find out what was wrong when just by chance I opened my Addon bar and noticed a button I did not recognize, which of course turned out to be the Flashgot "download" icon. Then it ll came back to me how everything Flashgot was supposed to work. Sigh of relief.

My suggestion is that, in the least, the Flashgot download button should show up during video capture situations in both the navigation or menu toolbar and the addon toolbar by default, but especially the navigation/menu toolbar, since many Firefox users, like me, usually operate with the addon toolbar hidden.

Furthermore, even if the Flashgot download icon is recognized by some of us on the addon toolbar, I'll bet you a lot of users don't realize that you can "customize" the addon toolbar just as you would the navigation/menu toolbars by arranging icons the way you want them, i.e. moving the Flashgoi download icon from the addon bar to the navigation bar, right next to the orange Flashgot icon, (that's what I did) which to me seems to be the most logical and convenient place for it, by default.

Isn't that the way it used to work?

Thanks for listening.
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Re: Toolbar Button Suggestion

Post by barbaz » Tue Dec 09, 2014 8:10 pm

Locking as this seems to be attracting a lot of spam, sorry nolan_vode
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