[Updated 2013-07-06] How to Donate Without Using PayPal

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[Updated 2013-07-06] How to Donate Without Using PayPal

Postby Tom T. » Wed Apr 01, 2009 2:30 am

06 JULY 2013 IMPORTANT Update
Unfortunately Tom T. has been increasingly burdened with professional and personal obligations, and therefore is no longer able to maintain the US bank account formerly set up to accept NoScript donations.
We're very grateful to him for all the hard work he put in this and many other aspects of the NoScript community building and maintenance.

The NoScript Well Fargos Bank account is being therefore closed and won't accept donations anymore.

If you still need to use a channel different than Paypal to donate, please contact me directly by PM or through the email address listed on my homepage.
-- Giorgio

The account number has not changed. Only the address to which to send donations has changed. The new instructions are shown below.
Link to copy of announcement letter: (not a good quality image - if zooming doesn't help, and you need a high-quality .pdf document copy, PM me -- T.T.)

NoScript and Flashgot are freeware, but many people are kind enough to make a donation towards their continued development and support. Some, however, cannot or do not wish to use PayPal. For those with a U.S. bank account, you may now make donations directly.

Please make your check or money order payable to NOSCRIPT , and include this account number on the back of the check, in the "endorsement"area : 200-002-728-2825. (the hyphens are optional.)
Please do not send cash through the mails.

Please mail your check to: (AMENDED 022513)

Wells Fargo Bank
Bank By Mail
PO Box 3488
Portland, OR
97208-3488 (USA)

Thanks to all for your kindness in donating to help continue the development and support of NoScript and FlashGot.

Edited on 04 Aug 2011: Wells Fargo prefers that our account number be placed specifically on the back of the check, in the area for endorsement. All else remains the same. Thanks again for your donations. Any amount, large or small, helps.

postal zip code changed
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Reason: Bank account closure
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