NoScript for Chrome? (split from t=1676)

General discussion about the NoScript extension for Firefox
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NoScript for Chrome? (split from t=1676)

Post by rdmeer » Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:39 pm

As you might know, NoScript is now available on Chrome.

After following this thread for years, I wanted to know what changed. Did Chromium make changes to allow more of NoScript's features to be implemented? Were there some compromises made for the Chrome version? How has NoScript adapted to WebExtensions and Chrome? I'm not generally familiar with WebExtensions. So maybe there is some basic assumption I'm missing. But here is what I've been able to piece together.
Mozilla paved the way for a cross-platform NoScript extension when it turned off the classic extension system in Firefox 57. The organization selected WebExtensions as the new system for Firefox which, among other things, ensured compatibility (to a degree) with Chrome extensions. ... or-chrome/
"Talking about differences across supported browsers, the code base is now is exactly the same," Maone told ZDNet. ... le-chrome/
One difference Chromium users need to be aware of: on their browser NoScript's XSS filter is currently disabled: at least for the time being they'll have to rely on the browser's built-in "XSS Auditor", which unfortunately over time proved not to be as effective as NoScript's "Injection Checker". The latter could not be ported yet, though, because it requires asynchronous processing of web requests: one of the several capabilities provided to extensions by Firefox only. ... ome-store/

From my reading, it seems like the advent of WebExtensions on Firefox coaxed the NoScript code in the direction of Chrome. But it is not clear to me how these historical problems were resolved.
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Re: NoScript for Chrome? (split from t=1676)

Post by barbaz » Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:29 pm

rdmeer wrote:
Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:39 pm
Were there some compromises made for the Chrome version?
Firefox WebExtensions forced significant limitations on NoScript, a lot of the compromises were already made for the Firefox version. Notice that NoScript Webext still is not feature-complete compared to NoScript Classic.

Chrome extensions are even more limited than Firefox WebExtensions, so NoScript for Chromium makes additional compromises on top of that - viewtopic.php?p=99880#p99880
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