Security Issue, MCAFFE

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Security Issue, MCAFFE

Post by BLARP » Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:10 pm

Hi !!, first post, (Thanks for NOScript..),

if matters :) think i sent an email direct regard having status of what links in drop down do what / have good bad info info next to them for noscript ease of use.
after that came the middle click option for that general area.
problem was/ is would take hours to check each link on the internet just to see if safe to logon.

i have a technical background including product review - support - troubleshooting..
before i list a problem i am having, i would like to add - repeat.. wish there were:
- on right click menu would like to see an abbreviation on what site is for eg: base? (base site - required for site to work; maybe need 3rd way to mark those), cdn (content delivery), adv (advertising), trk (tracking? etc)

for settings see too many other apps choose for you (easy idea: with a default include an options check box), this is a larger issue than might expect.
- would like the good - verified not hack choices be sorted to top in a light green? -ed out area
- since i am not there, generally what settings? could be automated for us (option to still view first), for what started out 1 click? now 10? back to lesser clicks / more automated.

thanks for listening to all that..

as of the last week or less, all middle click on sites for info, "ALL" Mcaffe responses are now: invalid site etc, this includes &

mcaffe saying: URL entered ( ) is not a valid website URL or has no data

is there a way to secure that item? thanks.
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Re: Security Issue, MCAFFE

Post by barbaz » Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:17 pm

To be clear, you're referring to the McAfee link on ..., right?

If so, this is a duplicate of ... 19&t=23111
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