Please bring back reject history

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Please bring back reject history

Post by PrairieMutt » Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:06 pm

Thanks to all who have created and supported NoScript. The change was painful for all, no doubt, but it seems to be basically working well for me.

There is, however one badly needed feature that was available in the old (Firefox ESR) version - a list of rejected scripts. The problem is that some sites are too blasted complicated, and it seems for no good reason. Scripts are rejected by NoScript and the page thus redirects or acts funny and when the dust settles, the rejected scripts are not on the final version of the page. Thus, debugging malfunctioning sites is a real pain. Some sites will not work with Firefox ESR for lack of "modern" features, so I cannot go back to it to find out what scripts got rejected then hidden.

Very many thanks.

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Re: Please bring back reject history

Post by barbaz » Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:09 pm

Are you referring to "Recently blocked sites"?
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Re: Please bring back reject history

Post by witrak() » Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:52 pm

I still have the problem mentioned a long time ago here:
Teao wrote:
barbaz wrote:
Teao wrote:The other things that's missing is where is the "recently blocked" list?
not ported yet
cool, if it's coming soon, that's perfect. Is there an official "todo" list or "known issues" list somewhere?
It seems that it wasn't perfect though :-(

In the meantime, the problem was discussed in the thread
Bug ( site broken with everything trusted ... ked#p93540

Next, there are two other threads related exactly to my problem:
troubleshoot (log blocked sites) ... ked#p95556
and the thread in which I'm responding now.

However, the final conclusion of these discussions isn't encouraging: NoScript is OK, despite the fact that for some sites you may only switch the NoScript protection off if you really want to see them.
(That unfortunately reminds me "standard administrator response #1": for me it works fine...)

Nevertheless, it is not rare to encounter the sites where when scripts are executed and (re)loaded in the background you don't have a chance to observe which of them aren't allowed to execute - what leads to real problems including the case you can't enter the page at all.
Thus it's impossible to whitelist or even temporarily whitelist the appropriate sites what disallows entering some pages unless one accepts the execution of all script on them and loaded from within them.

I understand that bringing back is on "todo" list somewhere, but it is the hot issue because it undermines the idea of using NoScript. Of course, I know that when I open the full list of all settings and I guess which sites can be related to the one I have trouble with, then try to whitelist them, I can at the end make needed corrections to the whitelist.
However it is not the proper way of resolving the problem - guessing and testing isn't a good idea, at least when the troublesome site isn't of a bank or well-known company...

So when we can expect (even temporary) solution? Or can we?
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Re: Please bring back reject history

Post by zedbo » Wed Mar 27, 2019 5:25 pm

Yes thankyou! Why is the "recently blocked" list gone from all new versions? It used to be quite handy if you were finding certain functions were disabled and the part that was blocked wasn't showing in the main UI. Seriously this has been a source of frustration for me for some time now! I'm now looking for alternatives to NoScript because frankly this is making the damn thing unusable.
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