An essential feature that has disappeared from NoScript 10

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An essential feature that has disappeared from NoScript 10

Post by TheDodo » Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:28 pm

Something that I liked about NoScript is the ability to selectively choose individual sites to allow temporarily within a single click on an as-needed basis.

Say that I go to Toms Hardware or some other big-time website with a myriad of site scripts to allow. I only allow say their livefyre and livefyrecdn websites for the commenting system, I only allow the thvid and thvidcdn websites that hosts and manages the video playback, I only allow akamaized and aws cloud websites as they host the majority of scripting functionality of the website as this may have been outsourced to a third party such as Akamai or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In short, I only allow scripts that I need for the website to be operational. Tell me why has this been removed?

I had hoped that the direction of the NoScript addon was to further develop this just like ProcessExplorer has developed toward managing background processes; allowing to add a description to each server so that the user can decide whether to allow or not to allow scripts running from each particular server. Even fancier would be to have a central database that maintains this information, this could be for paying pro users for example just like Xprivacy charges for a similar functionality. XPrivacy is free with all the bells and whistles that you need. However, many users find it tedious to decide whether to allow certain apps to do certain things for privacy reasons, a lot of decisions need to be made all the time although it remembers previous selections. So if you buy a registered version for $3 or whatever it costs, then XPrivacy will automatically decide for you based on a database that users have submitted to.

Otherwise, the finer granularity is a welcome addition.
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