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Firefox 57 & NoScript - My thoughts

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:30 pm
by Secc123
Hi all, I have been using Noscript for years - its THE #1 reason i still use firefox! Have been keeping an eye on the new web ext version for the last week waiting for it to be released before i upgraded my firefox to 57.
My first opinions of Firefox (not really relevant here but.....) i opened it with about 5 fewer tabs than i had open in v56 and it uses about 500mb more RAM - so it might be faster but it EATS RAM!!! Now noscript.....Not liking the new version. I always have as one of my always open tabs. With old noscript i enabled 3 bbc releated sites and bbc worked fine. this new version seems a LOT messier, shows other sites the older version doesn't show? Took me about 5 mins to find the 'correct' 3 sites i always temporarily allow. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ONLY use 'temporarily allow' even on trusted sites (they can get infected as well so i switch them back on at every startup). With old version, click noscript icon, click 3 by temp allow and voilla i'm set. This new version is just messy!

Luckily i never updated my firefox to v57 until today but i installed it separately than 56 just in case but having seen the new version of noscript i'm going to stick with firefox 56 and 'old' noscript for a few months more and give Georgio some time to work on the new version.

This isn't meant as a negative review or anything, just my personal view. I appreciate everything Georgio does but i think this new version needs a lot more work to completely replace the old version - for me at least.


Re: Firefox 57 & NoScript - My thoughts

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:33 pm
by barbaz
Not a support question. Moving to NoScript General.