NS great but noob suggests test web pages

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NS great but noob suggests test web pages

Post by glnz » Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:37 pm

NS is great although my wife (who loves Apple) thinks I'm nuts. Why must I constantly click [Temp Allow] to see features on a page she recommends?

Although I don't mind constantly (but selectively) clicking [Temp Allow] to see features on a page -- I can see it working -- I cannot tell whether the more advanced features of NS are actually working. For example, anti-XSS or ABE: how do I know whether it's working?

I'm a total noob, and this forum is very advanced -- most of the posters here know all about scripts and lines of code. The only line of script I know is

Code: Select all


So it's no use throwing something techy at me.

OpenDNS has a test page that shows me whether I have OpenDNS configured correctly. Might the NS team create test web pages to demonstrate the various NS safety features?

Thanks Mr. Maone!
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Re: NS great but noob suggests test web pages

Post by Thrawn » Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:17 pm

If you search Giorgio's blog, he has written pages like that to demonstrate certain features in the past.

The reason you need to temporarily allow things is because NoScript blocks everything by default. It's up to you to decide which sites you trust, and which ones you don't. If you don't feel confident making that kind of judgement call, then I'd recommend some extra software like Adblock Plus.

On the other hand, XSS filters and ABE are things that you shouldn't usually encounter while browsing around. If you see a message from one of them, then either you're being attacked, or it's a false alarm (which you can report here).
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