Load images from same (originating) server only?

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Load images from same (originating) server only?

Post by gsm » Tue Feb 02, 2010 4:41 pm


older versions fo Firefox/Mozilla had a preference to block images from foreign sites. Currently, this preference is not accessible from UI, only, according to http://kb.mozillazine.org/Network.image.imageBehavior , there is a hidden value for this preference.

Motives are clear: back in the old days, spammers used to include links to images into HTML emails, and most of Webmail clients were happy to ping back to the spammer. Currently, there is a similar concept of web bugs. And unfortunately many respectable sites have dedicated image servers such as yimg.com for Yahoo!, so switching this preference is very annoying.

Currently NoScript has the notion of web bugs; blocking different kinds of objects; ABE/XSS filtering; and there is a posibility to activate separate objects.

So, my question: is there some hack currently to emulate "block foreign images from untrusted domains"? Would it be very hard, e.g., to extend ABE to block foreign images just like scripts?

Dear Mr. Maone, if You read this...
Could I help you somehow witha a working prototype. I wouldn't do extension coding, or branching NoScript, but I could use some snippets from source. I could build a working prototype Greasemonkey script or Jetpack. Perhaps I could make use of NoScript preferences - so I would write a simple Jetpack which could, e.g., reuse Trusted Site list as a whitelist for foreign images?

Best regards - gsm.
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