Problems with Badoo (almost fixed with

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Problems with Badoo (almost fixed with

Post by PAB_NS » Fri Jan 29, 2010 1:11 pm

Hello all,

Some days ago, and after upgrading to noscript, I found a problem with noscript on the website "Badoo" (I am pretty sure noscript is causing it, since disabling it or going back to makes the website work as usual): Being logged in, when clicking on "send message", it seemed to block the "chat pop-up window" which should appear. Ironically, when you blocked the site on noscript, the link worked, but it opened the window in a new tab. didn't fix anything.

But has improved things a bit. Now, clicking on the same link with the "wheel button", normally used to open a link on a new tab, opens the chat window (basically a little, variable size, new firefox window) fine, but clicking on it with the left button of the mouse opens it on a new tab.

Thanks in advance for your help and congratulations on a superb piece of work!
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