Updating from 11.1.1rc1 to 11.1.2rc1 - Failed

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Updating from 11.1.1rc1 to 11.1.2rc1 - Failed

Post by DJ-Leith » Sun Oct 11, 2020 5:37 pm

On Windows, using Firefox 78.3.1esr, on a Profile with NoScript 11.1.1rc1

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1. In about:support note that NoScript is detected as "11.1.1rc1"
2. In about:addons
3. Check for Updates
4. An "Available Update" is found (in the "Available Updates" Tab), it is NoScript.
5. Use the 'blue dot' to Update.
6. Open another Tab and look at about:support Note that NoScript is STILL detected as "11.1.1rc1"
Normally, the new version of NoScript would be reported.

Did NoScript Update?
Is there something missing in 11.1.2rc1?

I have, in the NoScript settings, "Advanced" Tab,
Enabled (ticked / checked) the
"Revoke temporary permissions on NoScript updates, even if the browser is not restarted"

Has updating from 11.1.1rc1 been tested with this option?
Do I need to restart Firefox to complete the Update?

Also, starting with an older version of NoScript, e.g. 11.0.45rc5,
on another similar Profile, and then 'doing the Update', as described above,
does work. It does Update from 11.0.45rc5 to 11.1.2rc1 (without a restarting Firefox)
and with the setting
"Revoke temporary permissions on NoScript updates, even if the browser is not restarted"

Some sites not loading fonts

barbaz noted that 11.1.2rc1 had not been signed and then Giorgio Maone wrote
"Fixed, thanks."

See also, for reference,

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Re: Updating from 11.1.1rc1 to 11.1.2rc1 - Failed

Post by Giorgio Maone » Mon Oct 12, 2020 7:59 am

It works for me: tested with 81.0.1 stable and with 82 beta by installing 11.1.1rc1 and then using the "Check for updates" command in the add-ons manager, both with the option on and off.
What I've noticed, though, is that keeping the option off doesn't seem to preserve the temporary settings anymore: I've got to check that :(
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