invidious + tor browser 10.0 + noscript problem

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invidious + tor browser 10.0 + noscript problem

Post by ppxxbu » Sun Sep 27, 2020 10:00 pm

This might be a Firefox issue, or a NoScript issue, or both? idk.

Tor Browser 10.0(Firefox 78.3.0esr) 64-bit
Both 11.0.46 and 11.0.46 and 11.0.47rc2

OS: Tested on both Linux and Windows

Steps to replicate -

0. You will need
1. Goto this invidious URL - http://c7hqkpkpemu6e7emz5b4vyz7idjgdvga ... local=true
2. You should see a <MEDIA>@http://c7hqkpkpemu6e7emz5b4vyz7idjgdvga ... joid.onion
3. NoScript blocks that object. Allowing that object does not work. *Only* disabling NoScript altogether plays the video.

However the same video URL works perfectly on Tor Browser 9.5.4(based on Firefox 68 esr)( on both Windows and Linux and also tested using 11.0.44,11.0.46 and 11.0.47rc2

Pardon me if this is not a NoScript issue and is a Firefox issue instead.

I appreciate any help. Thanks :)

P.S: Also as a suggestion, would you please consider using a different captcha method? Something other than recaptcha? Because solving recaptcha over Tor Browser is a legitimate PITA. I'd appreciate it greatly. Thanks.
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Re: invidious + tor browser 10.0 + noscript problem

Post by Giorgio Maone » Mon Sep 28, 2020 9:25 pm

Please check latest development build:
v 11.0.47rc3
x Better cross-browser media handling
x Improved file: directory path normalization
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