Where are NoScript options - II?

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Where are NoScript options - II?

Post by therube » Wed Jun 24, 2020 11:12 am

Where are NoScript options - II?

Other answer was, storage-sync.sqlite, viewtopic.php?p=100220#p100220.

Is that still so?
Is that still so in Nightly?

What is storage-sync-v2.sqlite?

Why do I have:


Why are v2.sqlite & v2.sqlite.shm (virtually identical &) "empty" (except for "header" differences, nothing but null bytes) ?

Why are v2.sqlite.shm & v2.sqlite.wal persisting (browser closings & re-openings) instead of (presumably) writing out to v2.sqlite?
(In my case, v2.sqlite & v2.sqlite.shm are both 32,768 bytes, v2.sqlite.wal is 1,901,968 bytes.)

Why does a site that I Allowed (permanently) only show up in v2.sqlite.wal?
And why once I close FF & revisit that site, is it not allowed?
(Oh, let me check that. Damn, for me, icons, that I can never decipher! Wonder if I Temp'd it?)
Damn! Yep, that was me. So that is not an issue.

(Does) any of this also apply to 77?
And if it does, might it have some bearing on the recent "settings no longer saved" reports?
Given my, damn!, above, then probably not.

(Eh. Sort of got my - & . mixed up. Copied, & reality, has -, manually typed [incorrectly] has ., so ignore those typo's.)


Code: Select all

03/25/2020  12:13 PM    <DIR>          storage
06/04/2020  08:02 PM            32,768 storage-sync-v2.sqlite
06/24/2020  07:39 AM            32,768 storage-sync-v2.sqlite-shm
06/24/2020  07:36 AM         1,967,552 storage-sync-v2.sqlite-wal
06/04/2020  07:21 PM           131,072 storage-sync.sqlite
06/24/2020  07:39 AM            16,384 storage.sqlite
storage-sync.sqlite & storage-sync-v2.sqlite, both dated 06/04/2020.
-wal & -shm are current.

(Where is noscript.ini.sqlite?)

So I guess -sync vs -sync-v2 doesn't really matter.
You don't call them directly, you call a higher level call (API), & it knows there was a change from to the other & "just handles it".
But why are the -shm & -wal persisting & not writing out to -sync-v2.sqlite (even though things do look to be working that way, regardless).
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