Yahoo Placemarker yet Video Plays

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Yahoo Placemarker yet Video Plays

Post by therube » Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:25 pm

Yahoo (video) Placemarker yet Video Plays

URL: ... ories.html

With set to temporarily allow (& if I'm understanding just what that means, by going to Custom, then all items are checkmarked), I get a semi-transparent placemarker (showing, in this case, <MEDIA>@ yet you can see the video playing underneath?

No real clue how this is supposed to work, why the placemarker is even showing up?

Now it could be that there is an actual placemarker blocking (you can't Shift+click it, like in the good 'ol days) & that the video itself is coming from the allowed site,, don't know?

FF 72, 20191126093448, NoScript 11.0.10rc1

In another profile, with uBlock Origin installed, I only get the "yahoo" video, no placemarker.
Similarly does not show up in NoScript's dropdown, so figure that ubo is filtering that out.
(Profile originally looked at only has NoScript installed.)

(It is typical for Yahoo "videos" to have no relationship to the article at hand. It it typical for a Yahoo "article" to have no relevance, period ;-).)
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