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per-site permissions list

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:09 pm
by ajay11
Dear All,
after a few days of using (FF w/ NS) my NS 'per-site permissions' list got filled with 'trusted' entries. Since I do rarely select 'trusted' at all, but do almost always select 'temp.trusted', I have a hard time understanding how the list gets filled so quickly. Even worse, since there is no way to delete multiple entries from the list at once, I have to click hundreds of entries manually in order to put them back into the 'default' category.
Just using the 'reset' button doesn't help either since it just fills the list with other entries (which I do not like to have enabled).

So my request is two-fold, a) why does this happen, b) a feature request for 'multiple deletes (e.g. using shift-select...).
Any help or insight welcome.