Mouse Events block

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Mouse Events block

Post by NoScriptUser180713 » Fri Dec 28, 2018 10:05 am

I have to use some site on my job.
Now I NEED to copy some links names from it and collect them an the file.
BUT there are scripts on that page like:
- left mouse button click NOT on the link - selects that row
- left mouse button click on the link - opens that document
- if i HOLD left mouse button, I can select some text on that row, but
when i RELEASE left mouse button, it will select that row and I cannot copy the text

Is there a way to block function like:

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function(n) {
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Re: Mouse Events block

Post by barbaz » Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:32 pm

Likely can't be done in NoScript 10. You might be able to do it with a Violentmonkey user script.
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