Restoring state after "Temp. trusted"

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Restoring state after "Temp. trusted"

Postby mssbid » Mon Nov 26, 2018 4:18 pm

I use NoScript in the sense of YesScript. That is, by default I allow various stuff (e.g. Javascript) and on
the "Per-site Permissions" list I have sites which are untrusted.
If I visit one one of these untrusted sites and make it temporarily trusted everything works as expected
(e.g. JS gets enabled). After restarting the browser, the temp. trust is removed (as expected) but the site
has also vanished from the "Per-site Permissions" list (which in fact enables JS again since this is the
default here).

I would expect that after the "temp. trust" is gone, the old state (being on the per-site permissions list)
would be restored instead of silently removing it from there...
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