New black-on-pink superscript icon is...??

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New black-on-pink superscript icon is...??

Post by BillM2 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 3:02 pm

We all know the classic white-on-red superscript icon that appears on the NoScript icon when it detects noteworthy scripts (or perhaps cringe-worthy ;) ) ...

WHAT is the new icon that has shown up in the SAME place in the last 24 hours... but as a black number on a pink square, rather than the classic?

It seems to me that such baseline changes/additions to the NoScript UI should be publicized sooner rather than later.
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Re: New black-on-pink superscript icon is...??

Post by musonius » Sun Nov 25, 2018 5:17 pm

Firefox 63 has introduced a new method of setting the color of the text depending on the background of the badge automatically: light backgrounds get a black text and dark backgrounds get a white text.

The next version of NoScript will have a darker background, such that the text color is white again:

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v 10.2rc1
x Allow extensions to perform origin-less fetching and
  framing (issue #41)
x Fixed meta refresh inside NOSCRIPT emulation breaking
  Firefox's built-in refresh blocking
x Fixed issue #35 "tabId is not defined" on startup
x Darker red badge background to ensure text is kept white
  across browsers
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