NoScript v10: MSE media blocking and youtube website movies.

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NoScript v10: MSE media blocking and youtube website movies.

Post by fenix » Wed Jul 18, 2018 4:57 pm

Hello and I'm sorry for such a long message, but I think it's pretty important.

On 16. July, NoScript has been updated to v10.1.8.5 version. Among all newly features added in this release, there is also one change to the MSE media: reporting and blocking e.g. on 'youtube' site (In a previous NoScript releases, various changes have been made to Media Source Extensions etc.; please see 'LINK')

It turned out, that now '<media>' option is needed to properly display and watching videos on 'youtube' website. Without '<media>' selected - for example - via "CUSTOM" preset, there is a NoScript message instead of a movie. And it looks this way (there is also a big NoScript icon that moves and floats, during a mouse cursor is put on an icon but without clicking):

Code: Select all


Closing this message via little [x] icon in upper right corner, has no effect - background has black color and only - let say - the wheel is spinning. Normally, in this moment film should start etc. However, clicking on the above message, the window similar to the XSS suspicious requests, opened. It looks this way:

Code: Select all

NoScript Blocked Objects
                                                               Allow <MEDIA>

                                               (o) Allow
                                               (  ) Allow

                      [OK]                                                                                               [Cancel]
So, that's how it looked after NoScript update to v10.1.8.5 version (NOTE: yes, I know that there is v10.1.8.8 version, but this issue is still here).

Summarizing: now, '<media>' option is needed to display videos on 'youtube' website. I would like to ask if I would like to ask if someone of you also noticed this? What is your opinion: should '<media>' option be added, for example, in the "CUSTOM" preset for this site or apply the "global" setting and mark this option via "TRUSTED" preset in options "General" tab?

Honestly, I'm a little confused, because of "MSE media reporting and blocking" message (see 'v' [in:] "LINK") which is - to be honest - happening. I mean, without '<media>' option, there is an information (see above) and movie can not be loaded - so, here we have reporting and blocking.

Taking all of this into consideration, what should be done with 'MSE'? If new feature is for reporting and blocking maybe it should be blocked, but then there are problems with movies on 'youtube' site.

So, has anyone of you had added '<media>' option e.g. via NoScript options window, after update and had a similar problems with movies loading on 'youtube'?

Thanks, best regards.
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Re: NoScript v10: MSE media blocking and youtube website mov

Post by skriptimaahinen » Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:44 pm

Adding media permission to the TRUSTED is quite fine. It should be there by default in any case. But using CUSTOM is fine too.
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