NoScript v10: 'Advanced/Policy' window cannot be resized.

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NoScript v10: 'Advanced/Policy' window cannot be resized.

Post by fenix » Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:26 pm


Maybe the subject is not a good one... sorry. Anyway, I've noticed that 'Policy' window (see; NoScript Settings and 'Advanced' tab) resized manually e.g. by moving the mouse cursor over the window bottom right corner until the cursor becomes a double-headed arrow, next using the arrow key to resize the window, is still the same after closing NoScript Settings tab etc. So, where is the problem?

'Policy' window size can be changed manually (see above), but its size is always the same, even when NoScript Settings window is closed and opened again. It looks like the window size becomes permanent and... cannot be resized at all. Even after the NoScript Settings tab is closed, the next time it's opened, 'Policy' window is at the old size etc.

Is this a bug? I think, that it could be very helpful and useful - for Users - to change 'Policy' window size etc. If there is a large number of domains, for example, in "untrusted" section, then changing this window size can help...

✗ NoScript version: v10.1.8.2
✗ Firefox version: 60.0.1 (32 bits)

Thanks, best regards.
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