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Post by Quest » Fri May 11, 2018 9:59 am

There seems to be some hassle going on about the new icons on the dropdown menu on the development forum.
So I add something else here concerning beta? version

-Sometimes when I try to open the menu only a little white rectangle appears. On second click it works OK.

-The "retrieve missing button" icon is broken; doesn't show the picture that's supposed to be on it.

-The "Disable restrictions on this tab" -icon is very confusing. I suppose it is kind of a "tab ear" but with it's shadowing it looks like it's already pressed.

-The noscript icon has a question mark on some pages (and sometimes not on same page). I haven't seen any explanation about this. What it really means?

- I really have not found out what those icons really do and where and when and what are their differencies and similarities. They do act differently, but not according my logics.

-Why are those (some) buttons actions permanent? I really can't see any need for the Disable Restrictions Globally working after I restart Firefox. I think this eternity is a very dangerous unnecessary property. Another thing in "Temporarily set top-level sites to TRUSTED"- selection. I have not seen any temporarity in it's actions.
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