Continuous Integrity Check Needed, ASAP!

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Continuous Integrity Check Needed, ASAP!

Post by TBI » Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:59 pm


Ok, so I got to work today and fired up Firefox -w- NoScript like I do every is like my sanity check. For some reason, I was trying to check out the functionality of NoScript on a particular page and lo and behold found that it had NOT start!!! Nothing I could do would restart it..... I took the fastest route possible that I could think of to make things right and disabled the Add-on, restarted Firefox and then re-enabled it.

I would like you to think about how you might do an integrity check at startup and for every page loaded. The solution might be very simple, I am sure that a complex solution will eat up too many cycles...and so I leave it up to you. I do NOT want to be testing NoScript on every page to see if somehow somebody or something has managed to disable it.

You need to fix that.

One idea, which you may reject, but just to get the brainstorming ball rolling would be too, "lightly" animate the NoScript icon at the lower right hand side so that by glancing I can know if it is active and installed or disabled at the conclusion of every page load. It would signify that it is running....possibly performing a very simple integrity check, proof of integrity.

Thanks for a great product!
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