Double Quotes for SynoGet Redirector

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Double Quotes for SynoGet Redirector

Post by spamkiller » Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:19 pm


I am using SynoGet as a redirector. SynoGet redirects urls to my Synology cube stations downloader service (web interface).
I have added SynoGet.exe the list of Flashgot download managers with [URL] as the only argument.

But some urls seems "incompatible", e.g.: ... &mode=free

The "&"s are wrongly interpreted in the (windows cmd.exe) command line. If I surround the url with double quotes, it works correctly.

Unfortunately: Flashgot does not allow double quotes in the command line argument template. Using a batch is not an option (same error).

What can I do?
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