How does FlashGot detect installed download managers?

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How does FlashGot detect installed download managers?

Post by gabrielmaldi » Sat Jul 25, 2009 9:16 am


I use Internet Download Manager as my download manager. In one of its latest releases it introduced a fairly annoying feature: every time it is run it stores its path in the registry under ..CurrentVersion/Run, which of course causes it to run on startup.

I really hate this, and they haven't included a way to disable this, so I wrote a program specifically for this: it starts IDM with the command line it is passed and hooks RegSetValueEx in order to disallow the creation of the value.

Then I renamed IDMan.exe to Original_IDMan.exe and my program to IDMan.exe and went on to try it out... I started a download with FlashGot to find out it called the original executable! How could this possibly be??
Further more, if delete the original IDM executable, and go to FlashGot's Advanced Options and click Detect Now, IDM disappears from the list, and reappears if the original executable is there, even with another name!

So this leads us to the question: How does FlashGot detect installed download managers?

And: Is it possible to modify default behavior to call my executable?


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